LDF International Holdings Limited.(Ariston Hospitality USA) have been created by hand in China since 1960s starting with traditional rosewood furniture.

Founded over 60 years ago, LDF creates distinctive furnishings to your exact specifications. With an eye for product development and an Old World approach to craftsmanship, we design custom solutions for high-traffic environments, from boutique hotels to corporate commercial offices.

Our highly skilled team handcrafts every piece of furniture, expertly molding raw materials into a beautiful work of art using state-of-the-art construction and traditional craftsmanship techniques. As a multi-national manufacturer, we can cater to your unique demands by seeking inspiration and materials from all over the globe. Our foundation lies in strong familial operations in the U.S and China, where both facilities collaborate with each other on manufacturing and design. We at LDF Home Furnishing Group take pride in meeting the creative needs of design professionals around the world who share our commitment to originality, quality, and good design. We are proud to offer you beautiful, sophisticated furniture that reflects our global aesthetic and unparalleled construction.



LDF International Holdings Limited – An expertise of Hospitality Furniture

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